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Metal Framing

If you consider carrying out commercial construction, you may have doubts about making this decision. What material is the best option for the structure? Is it economical? Is this material resistant? Or if the installation is an easy process?

I was very pleased with Castaneda Construction LLC crew. Their punctuality, commitment, and the quality of his work during my complete kitchen remodel was simply impressive. They are very friendly, and reliable!

Samples, Luisa

Let's start by talking a little about the resistance of the material, which is mainly metal, which has many benefits, it does not tend to shrink or split, the structure will remain resistant over time, and does not tend to wear out since it is not affected by weathering, humidity, or insects. What about profitability? It could be said that steel structures are lighter than wooden ones and take up less space. The metal beams are hollowed out, which facilitates transport and storage, it is worth mentioning that they are also lighter.

Metal structures are easy to install because they are lighter than wood, and they are joined with screws, this makes it easier for us to disassemble or if it must be moved. The metal posts come with holes to facilitate the installation of electrical wiring.

At Castaneda Construction LLC we have professionally trained and qualified personnel to make this investment the best. We use quality materials to ensure the duration and finish of your project.

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Chen, Jessica

The crew at Castaneda Construction LLC is exceptionally professional and easy to work with. They are constantly learning the new trends in the market, and they offered me unique ideas when having my interior painting done. I am delighted with the experience!

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Larios, Luis

A few years ago, a friend of mine recommended me Castaneda Construction LLC and since then, I have never stopped calling them. My last project was having my roof remodeled. They just took the anxiety out of construction and informed me of the whole process so that I could have my dream results. These guys are great at what they do.

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